TRANSITIONS IN CONTEXT. Between Territory and Architecture.

PALAZZO MORA – European Cultural Centre. Strada Nuova 3659, Venecia




1   Architecture builds a space that is going to be used. This apparently simple question, related with the rational and the necessary, is proved just when it is lived and trough experience. Inhabitance relates the existence with the conditions of the space.

2   That is why, even if the determinants of the architecture respond to a known behaviour, almost globalized, its form is conceived with the actions occurring and not just with the theory or the already known. The process of discovering architecture is a step by step experience.
3    From the house, which summarize the passion for life and an intimate place; to the territory, as an expression of the collective experience of the landscape.
4   Between them: equipments and plazas. Entities involving the convergence of a group.
Also, the paths, acting as a sequence that discovers transitions and links among territory and architecture.

5   Our approach for the exhibition “Time Space Existence” delves into the influence that a territory has over the built pieces, improving the existence, as architecture contributes with something else.
6   We claim the importance of taking into account the values of the landscape. The architectural work is taken as part of it whose experience will not leave you indifferent since it is a new interpretation of the context.
7   Our architectural work is located in Costa da Morte, a mythical landscape of “rías” and shipwrecks, located between the rain and the fog, sometimes even invented to subsist. A landscape where some shapes and materials have been ennobled as key points of a culture.
8   That’s why it is important to understand the sense of treating an element of the natural world as an object and likewise understand an architectural work as the synthesis of an entire landscape.
9   The model we propose for this exhibition represents the territory- a combination of abstract and reality-, in which our works and projects are placed. Those are represented by pieces rising from the interpretation of all the elements which characterize them.

10   On one side, in a first level, the landscape’s references meaning the intangible material, lines defining ambient qualities and linking the architectural work.
11    On the other side, our works, as materializations of the intangible through the construction, summarize different ways of inhabiting a place. The overlap between the references of the project and a superposition of layers with information of our work, allows for going through it and discovering the transitions between territory and architecture. Transitions in context.

12   The architecture, as a way of art that produces the translation between the landscape and the object, is a reinterpretation of the existence that also means a change, an interference in time.